Are you living in a tropical area? Or do you live in a state where it is so cold? Or maybe it is the other way around? Yes, different places in the world have poles apart kind of climates, weathers, temperatures, and or seasons. The climate is usually distinct from each other because of the location. 


For areas or countries that are near the equator, it is expected that the weather and climate would be quite hot. While for areas that are far apart from the equator, the weather and climate is quite cold. This is also the logic behind people’s skin complexion or colors. People’s melanin adapts and adjusts depending to the place in which they live. The skin’s color gets darker because of the effect of the sun’s rays and heat. 

Human BodyThe darker you become, the more that your melanin or layer in the skin protects you. That is why you should never be afraid of getting a dark complexion because of the kiss of the sun on your skin. Thank the Lord for He had made a wonderful system on the human body that makes everything resilient to the situation most especially for the climate and the weather. 


For people who live in hot places, the importance of air conditioners or ACs is a must. People who live with a very hot temperature are prone to heat stroke and other ailments caused by too much heat. Therefore, it is an important thing that we should protect our body as we deal with the temperature of the world.  

ACs are used oftentimes to keep the cool feeling despite the heat outside the home. The help of the electric fans are not enough during summer time. So it is best to have your home installed with ACs immediately to be safe from heat stroke and illnesses as such.  

TemperatureIt is of course better to feel comfortable at home without worrying about the temperature outside. When it is quite hot, it affects the body and the mental state of a person. One cannot think well because of being so irritated because of the hot temperature. People should keep in mind that during the hot days, they should seek for great perhaps in the comfort of having air conditioners at home.  


While for some areas with cold temperatures reaching up to -3 degree celcius of temperature, it is also important to have some heaters to stabilize the body temperature. Too much cold can cause death due to hypothermia. This is an illness opposite to heat stroke. But this one can also be vital for a person’s life. Just like heat stroke, it can also cause the life of a person at stake. 

Too much heat and too much cold are not good. As the famous saying goes by, “too much is not good at all times.” It is always better to be somewhere in the middle that draws a fine line between the opposites of too much. Stating in the neutral level would keep you safe at all times.  


TemperatureThat is why along with the further advancement of technology, we should make use of these modernized machines to help our body in the right and stable condition. The society is made up of humans. Humans should take care of their body and health because they simply make up the society that we know today. 

People are the labor force of the country. Therefore, keeping ourselves safe from the harm of too much hot or cold temperature is of much importance. This is an investment of having a safer and healthier health for the mind and the body as well. 

We all have to keep in mind at all times that the human body is made up of different organs that work together as one. It is one of the most precious things that God has blessed us with. We should take care of our body as if it is a sacred temple. Dealing with the temperature is just one of the simple things that we can get over and adapt with. 

Humans have brilliant minds in making innovations in the technology nowadays. So we should make use of these progress and development by using the inventions of great inventors to keep ourselves away from harm. We can always have precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe. Having and using these machines can make a lot of difference to our mental health and physical health. We should always remember this for the safety of the humanity and for the safety of the society itself. 

Keep in mind to take care of yourself at all times.